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Happy Valentine day!

time:2021-02-04  Author: Sherry Number of visits:71

Every February, it is hard to navigate virtually any kind of retail store without seeing displays of kinds of beautiful chocolate boxes around every corner. Chocolate has become a standard Valentine’s Day gift, right up there with flowers and jewelry.

Cadbury debuted the first heart-shaped box of chocolates in 1861, and it was an instant success. The package was embellished with cupids and roses to appeal to customers shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Cadbury didn’t patent the heart-shaped chocolate box, so the rest of the candy industry started manufacturing similar packaging of their own. It wasn’t long before chocolates became synonymous with the newly-commercialized holiday.

As a professional packaging company, we Lykwell, every year, we make any different kinds of beautiful chocolate gift boxes for our customers, especially for Valentine Day. For future, we’d love to offer more and more wonderful gift boxes for our customers, and hope everyone have a nice and unforgettable Valentine day.



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