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About Us

Lykwell International Co.,Ltd

Established since 1996, Lykwell International Co., Limited keeps offering full range of high-end gift boxes, paper bags, other paper/cloth/wooden packaging and home décor such as stainless steel products for our esteemed customers around the world.

1.  We are responsible

Our commitment to design, manufacture and deliver good quality packaging products is the cornerstone of our business strategy. To achieve this objective, our quality inspectors always keep a strict vigil on the production processes, starting from procurement of the raw materials to final dispatching of the end products. 

2.  We are experienced and professional

Lykwell has cooperated with more than 3000 customers in the past 20 years, most of them from Europe, USA and other areas always asking for high standard manufacturing and services. 

Our experienced working staff and advanced machines can make all processing after printing, such as lamination, varnish, hot stamping, UV, embossing.

3.  We care about your business

We believe packaging is more than a printed carrier bag or box. It's an extension of the brand and an opportunity to add value. Lykwell handles each and every project with care and respect. What we are looking for is not only a buyer, but a business partner who would cooperate with us in a long term. 

4.  We adopt RFID/NFC technology for packaging

As from 2015, we're seeing an increase in the RFID and near-field communication (NFC) technology application, particularly in the wine and spirits packaging market. 

Together with Brilliant Circle Co., Lykwell now offers the Pack Plus options to all our customers to embed RFID and/or NFC tags into the variety of packaging and/or products, thus allowing them to communicate directly with their consumers who like and use their products.

5. We produce high-end home décor


As from 2006, while seeking entry and expansion in the historic luxury markets, Lykwell has gradually cooperated with such first class brands as Calvin Klein, Michael Aram, Treasury Wine Estates, etc.


By 2016, together with successful stainless steel projects of “Georg Jensen” stopper and “Grammy Iridium” wine bottle shield, we have subscribed shares of a local top stainless steel manufacturer, which definitely expands our product lines from packaging to various home decor products, with materials including stainless steel, brass, wood, crystal, marble, leather or combination of them.


For offering more customer-centered options, creating value added services, we are pleased to expand our product scopes step by step in these years and support to bring more and more luxury brands outstanding and popular around the world.

Metal website:  www.lykwellmetal.com

Lykwell International Co.,Ltd

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