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Everyone should not relax their vigilance and protection

time:2020-08-17  Author: Tony Number of visits:172

China has been doing well in the prevention and treatment of new Corona virus, but recently there have been sporadic new confirmed cases in some cities. The main reason was exposure to imported chilled food. 

A new confirmed case has recently appeared in Guangdong. The patient had been working for a chain company selling chilled food in Shenzhen before she arrived at Lufeng. After the patient was diagnosed, the governments in Shenzhen and Lufeng have tested nearby people and found 5 more confirmed cases totally, then disinfected many shops in both cities. 

Although the impact of the new Corona virus in China has slowed down, but we hope that everyone will not relax their vigilance and protection. We also hope that our friends outside China must remember to wear masks and stay healthy. 

Let`s work together to fight the epidemic.

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