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Anti-epidemic Tips

time:2020-07-28  Author: Coco Number of visits:196

It concerns us that it is getting more and more severe with the spreading of the COVID-19 virus worldwide. We understand in different countries the government may take different measures due to the different system and culture. But for every individual, the risk is the same, and the life is the same precious. Since we experienced this earlier, now I'd like to share some tips with you as following: 

1. Wash your hands every time after you have touched anything possibly exposed to any third person;

2. Try not to go outside as much as possible, for example, where people gathering;

3. If you cannot avoid going outside where people gathering, wear a face mask (cover your nose when wearing);

4. Do not touch your face before washing hands;

5. Keep a distance of at least one meter from others, do not shake hands or have close contact with each other;

6. When you're back from outside, hang your coat at a place where the wind blows, or scrub it with 75% medical alcohol (do not use alcohol spray indoor as it may cause fire);

7. Wash the bottom of your shoes with chlorine sanitizer when you are back from outside (do not use alcohol and chlorine together as it may cause poisoning);

8. Open your windows at least twice a day for at least 30 minutes every time to keep the air fresh in your room;

9. Keep fit and do not catch a cold.  

For the sake of health of you, your family and your loved ones, please pay attention and take good care. Hope the virus can be controlled soon, and we all can live and move freely soon again! 

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