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Five New Consumption Trends relating to Packaging

time:2020-04-23  Author: Rachel Number of visits:186

To have a successful product, brands must keep up with or stay ahead of the latest consumption trends, here are five of them observed by some packaging experts which would affect packaging development.

1. Sustainable products

Consumers seek products that cause minimal damage to the environment and sustainability is the driver of many buying decisions.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism is also in line with sustainable trends, then minimalism in packaging is not only to the amount of packaging material being used, but also in regards to the branding. Designs that clearly and simply state the contents of the package are paramount to many consumers.

3. Technology

Technology plays a role in many aspects of consumers’ lives. Incorporating an interactive online experience or quick-response (QR) codes into packaging will be convenient for brands to deliver information..

4. Center of social media

Unique structures, tactile features, and decorative elements are a vehicle for getting attention and becoming the center of social media and marketing campaigns. So it’s critical to create excitement among consumers worth to be shared with friends and on social platforms.

5. Experiences

it’s not enough to have sustainable or minimalistic packaging, to win the competition, one way to ensure brand stands out is through connecting with customers emotionally. It usually starts with the unboxing experience. 

These five strong trends are taking over the packaging industry to attract consumers in 2020, so it’s time to start incorporating them if our customers haven’t already.



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