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What did we do for Coronavirus?

time:2020-03-02  Author: Lykwell Number of visits:160

The Coronavirus did stop us from working in offices and workshops for some period time, luckily now it's under fully control and we resume working.

Our offices and factories, together with each and every business unit, follow instructions of local government to prevent the virus, which mainly include: 
(1) tracking each member's locations and health conditions via mobile App ( the mobile service providers offer the positioning recording), only those who are not from Wuhan, Hubei are allowed to apply for resuming working. 
(2) checking temperature twice for each member entering offices and factories daily after they are approved to resume working. 
(3) preparing all virus control supply, such as masks, thermometers, disinfectant for all members, which shall be checked by government offices for approval to resume working. 
(4) keeping daily reports of disease control information to government CDC and ready to receive instructions from them with appointed contacts. 
Lykwell is lucky till now, there are no cases with our staff, our factory and our suppliers, and we fell much relieved for there are zero confirmed cases in our area for many days.



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