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GOOD NEWS: China and US formally signed China-U.S. Phase-one Trade Deal

time:2020-01-17  Author: Sherry Number of visits:163


China and the United States formally signed the phase-one economic and trade agreement in Washington on Wednesday, with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and U.S. President Donald Trump inking the papers at the White House.

The agreement ranges from expanding bilateral trade in many sectors, energy, and service, manufactured goods and so on.

The two sides also agree to establish a bilateral mechanism for two-way assessment and dispute settlement, and the United States has pledged to cancel some of its additional tariffs on Chinese products, marking a policy change from hiking to cutting additional tariffs.

The signing of the deal, a hard-won phased outcome for the U.S. initiated trade tensions with China, is a positive first step for resolving the economic and trade issues between the world’s top two economic.

Lykwell has cooperated with many customers from all over the world, especially some from the U.S . We produce many manufactured goods and export to U.S every year. The just-signed China- U.S phase-one economic and trade agreement is a really good sign for LYKWELL and our U.S. cooperators.

Hope China and U.S can reach more good agreements, bring more benefits to both countries, and their companies, peoples, and bring more benefits and peace to the world economic. And Lykwell and all his cooperators have a better development in the future.



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