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Single Digit Alcohol

time:2019-11-29  Author: Kira Number of visits:118

We’ve noticed recently New Zealand media mentions that low alcohol wines are gaining popularity among consumers, the wine makers there are selling twice as low alcohol wines in Australia as a year ago and demand in New Zealand is expected to triple over the next five years.

“We classify this wine as single digit alcohol, which means that the alcohol content is less than 10%. Most non-reduced wines have an alcohol content of between 13% and 14%. ” said Dave Jordan, the manager of Lighter Wines.

However, fans who like low alcohol wine can only get used to drinking white wine for the time being, for when using red grapes to make wine, it is still difficult to reduce alcohol content. Consumers want red wine with an alcohol content of 9.5%, but this is indeed a production challenge now.

Do you like low alcohol wine?

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