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Typhoon “White Deer” will be landed in Guangdong

time:2019-08-23  Author: April Number of visits:62

As reported to the latest news by the Central weather station, the Typhoon No. 11 "White Deer" (strong tropical storm class) moved northwest on the afternoon of the 21st in the northwestern Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines, and will have a strong tropical storm or typhoon level from the middle of the 24th to the morning of the 25th (10 To level 12) landed in Guangdong Province.

Therefore, Lykwell will take necessary precaution to look after our staff, factories and goods ready for delivery, and remind everyone to pay attention to the following security issues during Typhoon day:

1. Typhoon may bring heavy rain and strong winds, please stay in a safe area and away from the water area;

2. If you are going out, be careful about the big trees and billboards to fall around;

3. Regardless of whether you are at home or not, remember to close the doors and windows.

Weekend is coming, please be sure to pay attention to safety while playing, and wish you all a happy weekend.



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