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Team outing in Xunliao Bay, Huizhou

time:2018-08-27  Author: Snow Number of visits:139

The sea is always desirable.

At the end of this summer vacation, our sales team enjoyed a very happy and unforgettable team building event -- the trip to Xunliao Bay!

Our first activity is going out for net fishing. We rented two boats and started to cast the net before going to the island. Then we boarded and enjoyed sunshine, walking along the beach, we also took a lot of beautiful photos!

On the return journey, we began to take back the finishing net, can you imagine? We did catch a lot of fish, shrimps and crabs! It seems that we will have a sumptuous dinner!

For dinner, we always like to collaborate and complete it together, especially the barbecue. The food that you cook yourself is always delicious.

Grilling the meat, drinking some beer, talking, walking along the beach, enjoying the gorgeous fireworks together, what a wonderful night!

In the early morning of the next day, we can watch the sunrise, and enjoy a nutritious breakfast. The healthy breakfast will keep us energized all day!

Then we started to visit the jellyfish kingdom. Seeing all kinds of jellyfish, drifting along with the tide, or surviving in adversity, all made us can’t help sighing at the wonders of the underwater world.

Happy time is always short, but memory is eternal, what’s more, we have cameras to help us record and remind us to cherish the moment.

Really looking forward to our next outing!



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