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A new trend in Jewelry packaging!

time:2018-07-13  Author: admin Number of visits:237

Shining jewelry always catches all your sight, have you ever noticed the display in front of you?

Recently a series of new jewelry displays have been updated in our product line, 

including neck form, slanted platform, square riser and ring cube etc, 

which are made for our client Michael Aram, a famous brand focuses on outstanding

 artistry & innovative design.

We received a thank-you letter from the team, and they said happily below:

“Couture was such a success! We got some really great feedback on the displays and really 

excited to get them in stock. 

We are thinking about adding a few more options to the mix!”

Next we will continuously support them to develop more new displays, and we believe the 

displays will inspire a boom in Jewelry industry!

Should any interest in jewelry display, just contact us for more information.


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