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A Special Day - 520

time:2018-05-18  Author: admin Number of visits:153

I would like to share a special day in China with you---520.

520, which falls on the date of May 20th, originated from the homophonic of wo’aini in Chinese which means I love you in English. It is a congratulatory day for people to extend their love to their beloved.

Different from Valentine's Day in Western and Magpie Festival in Chinese traditional culture, the meaning of 520 comes from cyber culture and is more popular among young people.

At that day, boys often buy red red red roses and delicious chocolates for their girlfriend to cherish their devoted love. Many girls might also buy gifts for their best friends to wish a lifelong friendship. Consequently, this special day also becomes a great commercial opportunity for businesses both online and offline.

More interestingly, if you forget or miss 520, no need to feel regretful because the next day---521 has the same meaning as 520.

Well, 520 is right around the corner. Have you prepared gifts for your love? Don’t wait any more and just drop by a chocolate or flower shop!



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