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A Week in Vietnam

time:2017-12-27  Author: admin Number of visits:57

Happy moment is always short, but will stay long in everyone’s memory.

With Bells on Christmas Eve, we are back to China from Vietnam after a weeklong stay there.

Our first stop is Nha Trang, a beautiful coastal city. The hotel is super clean, and we could view boundless ocean on the balcony. Besides, we have cooked dinner by ourselves, Coco is the chef, and she prepared a seafood feast for us, thank you Coco!

Next stop is Mui Ne, which is full of peace and love. We rent a Jeep to watch the sunrise in White Sand Duns, and we have experienced sand skiing, thrilling! At night, we invited the hotel boss to have dinner together to celebrate midwinter, a special festival in china, and we talked about many Vietnamese customs with him.

We finally went to Ho Chi Minh, a modern and fast city. There are many motorcycles in street, we can’t image what the city will be if motorcycles are forbidden. We visited Pink Church, Saigon Post, and bought some local specialties for our colleagues and families.

The only pity for this travelling is that we couldn’t dive as for low temperature and strong waves, but just like our life, there is always a bit of imperfection, we still enjoyed it.

What a full week of unforgettable moments at end of year 2017 and we wish each Lykwell member a happy and fruitful year of 2018!


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