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Travel to Vietnam
Author:Wonder Time:2017-12-15

With Christmas coming around, overseas sales dept will go to Vietnam for traveling.

The team, including Coco, Daniel, Lean, Libby, Monica, Rebecca, Sarah, Tony, William and Zoro, are busy in booking flight tickets, reserving hotels, and applying for visa etc these days. Let’s interview some of them to know how the guys are feeling now.

Libby: It will be a really exciting trip. And this time we’ve booked an interesting theme hotel. I cannot let you know more, it must be a big surprise for our colleagues.

Leah: We’ll set off on 18th, Dec and get back in one week. I do expect a longer stay there. Anyway, I will love it, and I’ll take lots of pictures and share with my friends, they must be jealous!

Tony: I heard that the fruits in Vietnam are pretty sweet, I can’t wait to taste them!

Sarah: Vietnam has always been my dream destination for their lovely weather, clean seawater and kinds of seafood etc. I never got such a chance to go there though it’s very close to my hometown, and I’ve always been looking forward to having fun there!

Daniel: I hope all of us have a real relaxation there, the days in Vietnam we shared together will be our most cherish memories in 2017, and will stimulate us to create more miracles in the coming 2018!

Let’s expect what will happen during their adventure!

The team coordinator-Libby will show us more about the travel, let’s just stay tuned.

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