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Our friends - George and Michael
Author:April Time:2017-11-20

Here is a saying of Confucius:

“Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters?”

Yes, it is and we had a recent friend visit from the US on 16th and 17th Nov.

George and Michael are our old friends from Packe Packaging Solution, the friendship has been established since 2012 and we have been providing millions of wine and spirits pouches since then.

After visiting our factory, George and Michael had a more detailed understanding of the production process of pouches, and once again face-to-face confirmed our product quality and service.

We are also pleased to obtain their affirmation and satisfaction to our pouch factory.:-)

We treated our friends with authentic Chinese food--coconut chicken, and happily found that they liked this local cuisine very much.

Thank you for your visit, George and Michael! We look forward to your next meeting in China.

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