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Lola Rose
Author:Rebecca Time:2017-10-27

Lola rose is one of leading fashion jewelry brands in London.

As from 2013 we have been supplying millions of jewelry pouches and boxes to Lola rose.

It is an excited experience to grow up with our customers as Lola rose. We mainly produce boxes and paper bags before 2013, when more and more jewelry companies came upon, we were inspired and set up a pouch and cloth bag factory. This decision is of great significance, we got many huge pouch orders for well-known brands such as "Calvin Klein", “Burberry" and "Lola rose".

In the beginning of 2017, Lola rose has brought their jewelry and our new set of packaging to USA. It was a great success indeed. Americans love them very much. We have noticed a plenty of good comments on the USA QVC website relating to our contribution:

“The bracelets come in a nice box with a very nice quality soft velvety pale pink pouch with a snap closure, which will be great for travel. I will buy another piece for my best friend! ”

“The packaging is the best one I had from QVC!”

To help reduce packaging costs and be ready for some urgent small orders, we offer Lola rose special solutions. We produce large quantity of pouches and their regular packaging at the beginning of each year, and deliver the products in different batches as required.

"You are the most amazing supplier in the world!" Purchase manager of Lola rose said yesterday.

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