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Alcohol beverage package & NFC tags
Author:Lykwell Time:2016-11-30

NFC is rooted in radio-frequency identification technology.

Near Field Communication could be used for identification, authentication and tracking.

These days, with an NFC-enabled smartphone, consumers can connect to a brand’s digital content by simply tapping their phone near an NFC tag, which can be integrated into a package.

In March 2015, British alcoholic beverage company Diageo stepped up and out with a NFC tag incorporated prototype smart bottle for its Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky in order to enhance the consumer experience and deter counterfeiters.

In September 2016, Pernod Ricard UK released connected bottles of Malibu, the company's brand of coconut-flavored rum. The bottles were being fitted with NFC tags designed to enable consumers to access product-related content with the tap of an NFC-enabled phone.

You may agree it seems like more and more companies of alcohol beverage are engaging consumers by using NFC tags added to package.

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